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#555 Shibo AvenuePudong
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House 19-20, North Block Xintiandi,
Lane 181, Taicang Road
@ Binjiang
Riverside Promenade, Binjiang Dadao, Pudong
@ Raffles City Changning
Dodson Hall (Unit H5 @ Courtyard)
# 1197 Changning Road, Changning District



Phone: @ Expo: +86 (0)21 2206 0555 | @ Xintiandi +86 (0)21 6320 3935 | @ Binjiang +86 (0)21 6888 3935 | @ Raffles City Changning +86 (0)21 6474 5700

The Perfect Match:
nice hospitality, nice people and the best beer.


Markus Paul

Corporate Chef

How and when did you discover your passion for gastronomy and food?
Food was always of high significance in our family. I discovered my passion for food already during my childhood as my parents were running their own butchery. That’s why over 30 years ago, I as well did an apprenticeship as butcher in Germany.

Where and in which year did you start your professional career as chef?
In the years 1985-1987, after my butcher apprenticeship, I developed my love for cooking and learned at the hotel Traube Tonbach in the middle of the Black Forest the skills for becoming a chef. I was also honored to learn from  the 3 Michelin-starred chef Harald Wohlfahrt during parts of my training, nowadays still the Executive Chef  from the “Schwarzwald Stube “ – one of the most well-known restauranst in Germany.

Which stations (countries) did you work at so far?
Different parts of Germany, followed by the cruise line HAPAG LLOYD on the MS Europa,  then Switzerland, South Africa, Fort Lauderdale (USA), Renaissance Cruises, the Seychelles, Israel and finally China

Since when do you work for Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai?
Since February 2005.

How would you describe the challenges of German food preparation in China?
Our aim is to create authentic German cuisine here in China. Since we are serving the Chinese market though, we still have to adjust certain flavors in order to suit the local taste buds. In addition, the available ingredients are also not always tasting 100% the same as in Germany. Our home-made sausages nonetheless can compete with the quality you would also be offered in Germany.

What is your best seller available at Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai locations?
Our best sellers are the traditional Bavarian dishes, especially Pork Knuckle, but also our home-made sausages.

A brief quote that describes you?
Emotional, straight forward, honest and hard working with an aim for harmony.


Marc Bönhold


At which Paulaner Bräuhaus location do you work?

I work at Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai @ Expo.

Since when do you work as brewmaster and how long already for Paulaner?

I’ve been working for Paulaner since 2006 , since 2009 in the role of


How would you describe the local characteristics of China?

Fast, loud, different. That’s the best way to describe it. But at the same time cool and fascinating – and everyday brings something new and exciting.

What is Bavarian beer culture for you?

Beer garden with a beer and sunshine.

What’s your best beer experience?

To have made it to the top of a mountain after a mountain biking tour with a cold beer welcoming me. The bottle slightly fogged up and some condensation drops still on the outside. I’ll never forget it…

The beer trend is developing …

Away from “cheap brands” – restaurant breweries and brewpubs are once again on the rise. Germans are ready to pay a bit more for a good beer again.

Which types of beer are available at your brewhouse?

Lager, dark, wheat beer and 3-4 seasonal brews per year

Which is your favorite type of beer and why?

A delicious Pilsner with a nice bitterness.

If you would be a type of beer, then it would be…

A Weißbier (wheat beer): in general a bit heavier but just as refreshing.

A brief quote that describes you?

We learn what work is from the lazy.

Communication Design

Prizewinning excellence in communication design: Red Dot Award for the brand identity of Paulaner Bräuhäuser Worldwide

29.08.2017. For years, the Red Dot Award has been recognising projects and work of outstanding quality, ranging from product design to all facets of brand communication. Over 8,000 examples of high-quality work from around the world were entered this year, from which 24 experts selected the winners in the individual categories during a process lasting several days. That level of competition makes us all the happier that Paulaner this year ended up on the winner’s podium in the Brand Identity category – the most wide-ranging of all communication disciplines – for the reworked Corporate Identity of Paulaner Bräuhäuser worldwide.

Our Paulaner restaurant concept represents a contemporary Munich “Wirtshaus”. It is a place where you can make friends and enjoy excellent Bavarian food and beer - with all your senses. The culinary focus is on “social food” - big sharing plates - and genuine Bavarian specialties. Our concept represent a love affair of modern life and Munich identity. Whether brewing process, kitchen or interior design - we rely on our regional origin, quality materials and authentic crafts. For our concept, we combine the love of tradition with current catering trends. The craftsmanship is to be honored. The claim to authenticity, quality and profitability is very high in all areas. All that effort makes it even more satisfying that the concept has been recognized by the expert jury of the Red Dot Award.

Lars Eckart, managing director of Paulaner Franchise & Consulting GmbH, who is responsible for the Paulaner Bräuhäuser businesses together with Jürgen Schenk, says: ‘I am happy that our successful product is receiving major recognition. We will continue the development of our restaurant concept in order to be able to offer our guests an authentic piece of home as well as Munich life and identity, even if they are many thousands of kilometres away from the city. It makes things even better that the visualisation of this approach by the agency implementing it, SchleeGleixner, which bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary interpretation, has received international recognition with the Red Dot Award.’

Take a seat and enjoy your downtime in one of our Bräuhäuser.
We look forward to seeing you!

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